Viva Vivawallet Payments Using The PHP API

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Accept online payments using the Vivawallet payments API with PHP!

This script has been written to be easily modified to fit your very own needs so you can integrate Vivawallet payments to your website. The code is written in the simplest possible way for you to understand how it works quickly, it’s also fully commented with links to the API documentation and other useful links when needed. Even if the design of the script doesn’t really matter here, you’ll be happy to know that it’s also responsive. The Vivawallet payments API version is the latest to date (May 2021) and the script uses PHP 8, jQuery, Bootstrap 4 and MySQL 5. The only use for the MySQL database is to record the data received from Vivawallet when a payment is done, this can be easily modified if you use another type of database or if you don't want to use one.

The script comes with a "Read me" text file with all the instructions you might need to set up the script and run it on your server and with your account.

Once installed, you will get a welcome page with the links to:
- a payment page,
- a page listing your transactions with their details.
The script also contains "Payment success" and "Payment error" pages as well as the webhook file, which is the file receiving the data sent by vivawallet when a payment is done - this file contains the indications you need to process all kind of treatments that the API allows.


  • Accept credit/debit card payments using Vivawallet
  • Receive the payments information via the provided webhook file
  • Retrieve the data of your Vivawallet account via the API
  • Get all the information you need to integrate the script and go further in your integration with the additional "Read me" file and the comments in the code
  • Clean code, kept as simple as possible so you can immediately see what you should use to implement it in your website


  • A website with at least one product or service to sell
  • A server running PHP and MySQL (it has to be accessible from the outside, if you want to receive the webhook information, be aware of that if you code on a local server)
  • You've got to be a PHP developper, of course.

Please note that I am not a Vivawallet developper and am not affiliated to them so I won’t answer any question on how Vivawallet and its API work! I do mention the best ways to get their help if you need, it’s all in the “Read me” file. I will try to maintain this script up to date when the Vivawallet API is updated and changes are needed in the code though, or if someone reports a bug or security issue in the script; everything works perfectly in this version as far as I know.

Enjoy this script and the free time you just saved by purchasing it! 🙂

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Viva Vivawallet Payments Using The PHP API

0 ratings
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